Smokehouse Big Chief 9894-RED Tuff-Coat Electric 450W Front Load Smoker

SmokeHouse Red Big Chief Front Load Smoker

  • Capacity: smokes up to 50 pounds of meat or fish
  • Ventilation: engineered for Premium smoke ventilation for Premium smoke circulation and proper dehydration
  • Safety: smoker comes with UL and cul certifications
  • Consistent low temperature setting using a 120V, 450W heating element for approximately 165 F
  • Easy to use... plugs into standard household outlet and has easy to use wood chip flavor pan
You know what's frustrating when it comes to smoking a whole batch of freshly caught salmon, or jerky, sausage, ribs or anything else for that matter? it's when your smoker starts acting crazy with fluctuating temperatures, or when the wood stops smoking because of those fluctuating temperatures, or trying to deal with Bluetooth Wi-Fi techy something or other to control your smoker. All those issues are non-existent when it comes to the big Chief smoker, & have been since the 1960's when it was first introduced. The big Chief maintains a consistent low temperature setting (165 Degree Fahrenheit) so you know that you're smoking food at the low temperature you need... & not cooking & ruining your expensive & well earned batch of salmon or sausage.

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Smokehouse Products Little Chief Top Load Electric Smoker

Smokehouse Products Little Chief Top Load Electric Smoker

  • Top loading electric smoker comes with rack to hold grills, recipe/instruction booklet, and a 1.75-pound bag of Chips n' Chunks hickory flavored wood fuel
  • Non-adjustable heating element operates at 165 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Easy-slide chrome-plated grills; maximum capacity flavor fuel pan; dishwasher safe drip pan
  • Durable, embossed aluminum construction; for outdoors use only
  • UL, CUL, and CSA listed; no-assembly required; 2-year limited warranty
The little Chief has been smoking fish, jerky, sausage, cheeses & everything else man can think of to smoke since 1968 today, the little Chief is as popular as it ever was because it simply produces great results. What more could you ask for unless you prefer to Wrestle with your smoker trying to dial in fluctuating temperatures, dealing with wood that won't smoke, & wondering why the Wi-Fi techy Bluetooth thing just won't flipping work! forget all that hassle & stick with what works... & has been Proven to work for over 50 years.The Little Chief and Mini Chief top loading electric smokers allow you to smoke up to 15 or 25 pounds of meat or fish respectively, without relying on coals or fire. The self-contained, electric powered smoker is equipped with a 120-volt, 250-watt heating element that holds a steady heat of 165 degrees Fahrenheit for slow-cook smoking. The durable, aluminum smoker is equipped with a maximum capacity flavor fuel pan to imbue your food with the smoked flavor you choose and is vented for proper dehydration. The easy-slide chrome-plated grills load from the top, while the included rack allows you to unload and cool the smoked food with ease. With a dishwasher safe drip pan at the bottom of the smoker, cleanup is easy. The smoker comes complete with a Smokehouse recipe and instruction booklet to get you started and a bag of Chips n' Chunks wood fuel in hickory flavor. The smoker is designed and intended for outdoors use only, and requires no assembly.


  • Durable, embossed aluminum construction
  • Easy-slide chrome plated grills
  • Rack to hold the grills is included
  • Maximum capacity flavor fuel pan
  • Dishwasher safe drip pan
  • Vented for proper dehydration
  • 120-volt, 250-watt heating element
  • Non-adjustable heat operates at 165 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 3-wire plug and cord grounded to body of smoker
  • Includes recipe booklet and complete instructions
  • Includes 1.75-pound bag of smokehouse natural wood chips
  • 2-year warranty to be free from manufacturing or component defects
  • Made in the USA
  • No assembly required
  • UL, CUL, and CSA listed

Usage Specifications:

  • Use with standard 110 volt household current
  • Use properly installed ground fault interrupter (GFI) circuit
  • Use only on a concrete or other non-combustible surface
  • Use at least two feet from any combustible materials
  • Should only be used outside

Small "Mini Chief" Specifications:

  • 3 Easy-Slide Chrome Plated Grills
  • Capacity: up to 15 pounds of meat or fish
  • Dimensions: 14 by 11.5 by 11.5 inches (H x W x D)

Small "Little Chief" Specifications:

  • 4 Easy-Slide Chrome Plated Grills
  • Capacity: up to 25 pounds of meat or fish
  • Dimensions: 24.5 by 11.5 by 11.5 inches (H x W x D)

What's in the Box?
Smoker with heating element, easy-slide chrome plated grills, electric cord, fuel pan, and drip pan; Smokehouse recipe and instruction booklet; 1.75-pound bag of Chips n' Chunks wood fuel in hickory flavor

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Anuka Electric Smoker

Anuka Electric Smoker

  • Table Top Electric Smoker
  • Stackable Food Racks
  • Non Stick Griddle Pan for Easy Cleans
  • Portion Cup for Wood Chips and Liquid Flavors
  • Water Proof, Super Durable Storage Cover
Whether you are a fisherman or a chef, a hunter or a foodie, the variety and choice of smoked foods is now yours with the arrival of Anuka electric hot smoker. The Anuka electric hot smoker fully cooks the food while infusing the flavors and natural juices with a unique smoky character. The Anuka Electric Hot Smoker has been designed for relatively quick and efficient home smoking, to provide ready made meals or impart smoke flavourings to be served as the meal of the moment or to be refrigerated for up to a week. The Anuka Smoker is designed to ensure a temperature of 370°F to facilitate safe cooking. It is not intended to be used for "preserving", which is accomplished by the cold smoking method. As in all food preparation, the fresher the better. Smoking is not a magic process that will restore life and vitality to your food. Always use and prepare fresh food using normal hygienic practices.


Continental Electric 1100-Watt Singler Burner

Continental Electric 1100-Watt Singler Burner

  • 1100-watt of power
  • Self cleaning elements
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Excellent gift for small homes or students
  • Durable and stylish
If you're one of many people who love home cooking but don't have access to a a stovetop immediately, this portable stovetop element is perfect for cooking impromptu meals and quick sears while self-cleaning and adjustable temperature.

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Char-Broil The Big Easy Electric TRU Infrared Smoker and Roaster

Smokin-It Model 2 Electric Smoker

Smokin-It Model #2 Electric Smoker

  • All Stainless Steel Construction
  • Smoker is Insulated to reduce heat loss
  • NEW 800 watt heating element (replaceable ) NSF Certified for Restaurant use.
  • In. dim. 15"x 15" x 20" Out. dim. 17-1/4" x21-1/2" x 24" add 2-3/4" to height with casters install
  • 3" Diameter Rubber Casters and 4 removable shelves included. NEW side handles for easy movement and lifting of the smoker.
This electric smoker is made from 100% 18 gauge, 201 stainless steel and is designed for ease of use and portability. Every "SMOKIN-IT" Model #2 smoker comes with four heavy duty 3 inch diameter casters casters (you will need to attach), four stainless steel grilling racks, drip pan that slides under smoker, smoke box, and a rheostat for temperature control from 100F to 250F degrees. The smoker is fully assembled and ready to go, has a double latch door system and includes a sample of hickory wood so you can season your new smoker immediately. The smoker Model #2 has the capacity to hold up 35 pounds of meat or seafood. It has a NEW 800-watt heating element with LED indicator light, 7 amps 120-volt single phase, is insulated with fiberglass to reduce heat loss and has a 12 foot power cord. The inside dimensions are 15" wide x 15" deep x 20" tall with a total weight of 86 pounds. The outside dimensions are 17 1/4" x 21 1/2" x 24, with casters add 3 3/4" to the height. NEW side handles for easy movement and lifting of the smoker. This smoker is NSF certified for Restaurant use. NEW integrated electric power cord hangers that mount on the back panel of the smoker. Hangers made from stainless steel with pre-drilled holes and screws provided. Check the accessories tab on our web site for additional items for your smoker.

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Brinkmann 810-7080-P Gourmet Electric Smoker Value Pack

Brinkmann Gourmet Electric Smoker Value Pack

  • Manufactured to the Highest Quality Available.
  • Design is stylish and innovative. Satisfaction Ensured.
  • Great Gift Idea.
810-7080-P Features: -Double grill electric smoker and grill.-Double grills provide 50 lb. cooking capacity.-Stay cool wooden handles. Includes: -Combo includes cover, hickory wood, and smoker basket. Specifications: -1500 watt electric heating element.

List Price: $ 424.88 Price: